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Εργοστασιο Κατασκευης Γεωργικων Μηχανηματων


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Βιομηχανικες κατασκευες παντος τυπου


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Μεταφορικες ταινιες - Κοχκλιομεταφορεις


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About us

The company CHRYSAFIS V. CHRYSAFIS has been active for more than 3 decades in the field of construction of agricultural machinery.

We specialize in the design, construction and installation of air transport systems in:

  • Cotton Gins
  • Oil mills
  • Spinning mills
  • Wood processing plants

We manufacture and install ginning machines and fans of all sizes, cyclones, as well as air ducts and piping for pneumatic conveying systems. The know-how and many years of experience in the study and implementation of bulk material handling systems, enables the company to create and install a variety of applications. The company has successfully implemented pneumatic conveying systems in feed mills, grain processing plants, and other industries.

In the last decade we have expanded our activities and are successfully manufacturing air conditioning ducts in industrial and smaller applications. The large projects we have completed also include spinning air conditioners.

All equipment are manufactured by highly qualified and experienced staff and tested in our facilities, so that their quality is excellent. The construction of the equipment takes place in our production unit, located in Stavros, Imathia. Our experienced technical staff integrates the installation of the piping networks and all other equipment responsibly and delivers the systems ready for operation.

Our projects


Our facilities


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